Crafting the blueprint for future-ready businesses
We offer strategic support and investment that sparks significant growth and adapts to the future, no matter the sector or location.
Promventures stand at the intersection of well-established traditional industries and digital progress. We specialise in elevating businesses within engineering, logistics, financial services, and more, into the era of digital efficiency.
Our approach
These three pillars showcase Promventures' commitment to driving progress, building strong partnerships, and adopting a strategic investment mindset in a world that's always in motion. They highlight our focus on blending traditional strengths with digital advancements, ensuring our investments and collaborations are both impactful and future-ready.
Integrated expertise and diverse sector engagement
Promventures merges deep-rooted industry knowledge with the edge of digital innovation, spanning traditional to emerging sectors since 2002. Our broad sector engagement offers innovative solutions across industries, uniquely positioning us where experience meets advancement.
Strategic investment and tailored partnerships
Our investment philosophy emphasises strategic, tailored partnerships, providing both short-term and long-term capital. By actively engaging with our portfolio companies, we foster operational efficiency and market competitiveness, leveraging our global.
Embracing digitalization and fostering innovation
Acknowledging the shift towards digitalization, we focus on fintech and regtech, areas ripe for future growth. This pivot positions Promventures at the forefront of digital innovation, integrating technology with financial services to navigate the complexities of modern markets.
Our focus
Empowering businesses across a variety of sectors
Promventures specialises in private financing and co-investing services, designed to support and elevate businesses across a variety of industries. Our focus areas include:
Energy sector
Financial services
As a dedicated partner, we engage with the companies to facilitate access to additional financing, aid in the development of their business strategies, and help accelerate their path to growth.
A key aspect of our offering is our deep collaboration with both institutional and professional investors. This collaboration takes the form of private equity, private debt and joint ventures, aimed at providing essential capital to small- and medium-sized enterprises.
As a dedicated partner, we engage with the companies to facilitate access to additional financing, aid in the development of their business strategies, and help accelerate their path to growth.
Our services
Private financing and co-investing
Strategic investment methodology
focusing on sectors with growth
potential and innovative companies.
Focus on mid-cap companies
in Central and Eastern Europe,
with capabilities to extend globally.
Collaborative ventures with
professional investors to support
small- and mid-sized firms
and family businesses.
Comprehensive support leveraging
our network's industrial, operational,
and financial expertise.
Industrial sector services
Comprehensive consultancy,
including partner search, land
acquisition, and project
Specialised support for businesses
expanding into the Eastern
European market.
Supply chain optimization
to enhance efficiency from
production to delivery.
Import and export advisory services
to streamline trade processes.
Commodities trading
Brokerage of physical deliveries
for a broad range of agricultural
Innovative hedging solutions
to manage price risks in volatile
Agency services for international
tenders and auctions to secure
competitive advantages.
Structured finance operations
and derivatives to mitigate
commodity market fluctuations.
About us
Investing in the intersection of industry and innovation
We aim to make impactful changes

In 2002, we began as Promstar, deeply rooted in the essentials of industry and finance. Today, transformed into Promventures, our scope has widened significantly. We’re now navigating the realms of both traditional industry and the digital world, focusing on everything from industrial machinery to the evolving landscapes of fintech and digitalization.

We invest in companies big and small, choosing those led by visionary teams who know their sector inside out. However, we’re not just silent backers; we actively engage with our companies, helping them grow, innovate, and succeed. Over the years, we’ve ventured into various fields, making notable investments that span from machinery across Central Europe to agricultural tech in Eastern Europe, and into the fields of digital finance and tech innovation.

With CSB Investment Group and Finerbase under our umbrella, we’re not only expanding our footprint in finance but also stepping boldly into technology, particularly in the promising areas of fintech and regtech. Looking ahead, our focus is clear. We’re blending our solid foundation with the endless possibilities offered by technology.
Our history
2002 2017 2019 2020 2021 2022-23
The journey begins
The story starts with Promstar Kft founding as a venture focused on the agricultural sector in Eastern Europe, laying the groundwork for what was to come. Promstar expanded its reach within Hungary, establishing a robust network and securing its place in the local market.
International growth
We deepened our involvement in commodities trading, establishing ourselves as key players in the petroleum and marine engineering sectors.
New strategic direction
We embarked on a new path, targeting family businesses and mid-size companies, broadening our impact across Europe with a focus on financial services and industrial sectors.
Diversifying ventures
Our ventures diversified into energy, transport, logistics, and beyond, reaffirming our commitment to innovation and strategic growth.
Commodities trading and reverse factoring
We deepened our involvement in commodities trading, establishing ourselves as key players in the petroleum and marine engineering sectors.
Acquisition of CSB, IEM and pivot to digitalization
Promventures took a decisive turn towards the future, focusing sharply on digitalization, fintech, and regtech, acknowledging the critical role of digital technologies in shaping the future of business.
Our team
Fostering innovation and empowering leadership
Promventures recognizes that innovative ideas and strong leadership are the cornerstones of successful digital transformation. The company is committed to nurturing these elements in its team and its partner companies. By fostering an environment that encourages creative thinking and decisive leadership, Promventures aims to be a catalyst for positive change and a leader in business innovation.
Promventures is supported by a team of over 20 professionals located in Hungary, Malta, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom. This team's diverse expertise is critical for achieving our goals and aiding the growth of our portfolio companies.
Our business development team focuses on expanding products, markets, and operations globally. They identify growth opportunities, devise market entry strategies, and implement plans for sustainable business expansion.
Debt capital
Experts in our debt capital markets team specialise in arranging tailored financing and refinancing packages for each business venture. They manage liquidity to ensure financial stability for our companies, playing a key role in financial risk management and opportunity capitalization.
Innovation and
The innovation and digitalization team leads our shift towards digital transformation. They evaluate technological risks and opportunities, especially for traditional companies, and develop strategies for digital integration.